our team is the priority

of our company

veme exists to make you

the best human you can be.


what if

...the purpose of a company was not only to produce the best outcomes, but to produce the best people? What if work was MORE than just a place you built things, applied skills and made money? What if a company KNEW that supporting the personal development and evolution of the individuals within it was AS IMPORTANT as the product?

This is our philosophy at VEME.

come play...

be yourself...

Grow into your highest potential... Be around the most forward thinking minds of our generation working on radical, paradigm shifting technologies to make our world a better place.


We are looking for the biggest hearts and brightest minds in the field of technology, media, blockchain and business to come play and redefine ‘social media’ and ‘entertainment’.

We believe that with integrity, the vehicle of social media will transform into a new form of commons that will propel our collective evolution into its next dimension.


We are building a MEDIA NETWORK on TOP of an emerging blockchain called

which is built to power the future of the commons. We solve the issues of data protection, unlocking copyrighted content, decentralized storage and distribution of content, decentralized advertising, attention economy mining and more.

The first DAPP on the Voltage Blockchain is called

Interested Yet?

our culture

on your mission...

You are talented AF. And desire to use your badassery, superpowers and passions towards serving the World.


Because nothing feels better than fulfilling
your Dharma.

our mission...

Our Mission is to empower voices, unlock expression and bring integrity back to the Commons.

Our Vision is a World where everybody’s voice is valued and free to express.